Parents as Teachers

We are a voluntary program providing early education to families in Wetzel and Tyler counties. Information is provided in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience. We serve families pre-natal through child’s kindergarten entry.

Certified Parent Educators help you learn to teach your child to reach his or her full potential! During each home visit we provide a learning activity for you to do with your child and educate you on the new skills that the play teaches your child. You will learn how to turn everyday activities into teaching opportunities for your child. We also conduct developmental screenings so you know if your child is meeting milestones and we can refer you to a service that can help, if he or she is not.

Being a parent is hard work! Let us help and support you! Our program is free and open to everyone, with no income guidelines.

Parent Educators for Wetzel and Tyler Counties:

Photo of Marsha Croasmun
Marsha Croasmun
Parents as Teachers Supervisor,
Playgroup Coordinator
Photo of Mandy Carney, Parent Educator
Mandy Carney
Parent Educator

Photo of Michelle Morgan, Parent Educator
Michelle Morgan
Parent Educator
Photo of Regina Reynolds, Parent Educator
Regina Reynolds
Parent Educator

Photo of Tasha Simpson, Parent Educator
Tasha Simpson
Parent Educator